Intern Spotlight: Joseph Cantalupo 

Intern Spotlight: Joseph Cantalupo 

Tell us about yourself (name, education, work experience, hobbies, etc.)

My name is Joe Cantalupo and I am a Junior at Bloomfield High School. My Mema and Pepa, Judy and Frank LoMonte, are both members of UNICO. I enjoy playing baseball for the high school team. I also enjoy spending my time doing volunteer work. I am an active member of the Bloomfield High Key Club. I have participated in a wide range of projects such as teaching third graders about key values and cleaning up the parks in Bloomfield. I am also a member of St. Thomas Church’s Youth Group where I am a part of the leadership team. The service projects we do there include packing lunches for family shelters, making Easter baskets for homeless children, participating in Bloomfield’s Town-Wide Cleanup Day, and putting together Mother’s Day gift sets for homeless mothers.

How long have you been an intern and what have you done with UNICO so far?

This has been my first year as an intern at UNICO. I was able to attend the Christmas Get Together. This included a very successful toy drive. Tina along with the other juniors and I are planning many more projects which I am looking forward to.

Why did you decide to apply for an internship?

I applied for an internship at UNICO because it seemed like an excellent opportunity for me to help participate in amazing service projects in the community. I have also heard great things from my grandparents, my two cousins who are currently interns, and my other cousin who is a past intern.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to go to college. I am still determining exactly where I am going to go but I know that I would like to study computer engineering.

How has being an intern at UNICO put your goals in reach?

Being an intern at UNICO has put my goals within reach because of the many things I have learned and am looking forward to learning. It is interesting to watch how a professional meeting goes and this could be very helpful for my future. I am also looking forward to what I can do with UNICO in the future that will put my goals even closer.

How will you continue to stay active within UNICO and the Bloomfield community?

I will continue to stay active within UNICO and the Bloomfield community by becoming a Youth Member. This will help me stay in touch with the Bloomfield community and my Italian Heritage. I will also continue volunteering when I am away from Bloomfield, such as in college.


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