Intern Spotlight: Gabbi Nucci

Intern Spotlight: Gabbi Nucci

Tell us about yourself. (Name, grade, school, Italian heritage, a few things you do)

My name is Gabbi Nucci and I am a junior at Bloomfield High School. I am so excited to be joining the UNICO family and be part of a community that honors our Italian heritage.  When I am not in school, I tap dance! I currently attend FutureSTEP Tap Company, a pre professional tap dance company located in Livingston. I also take part in Bloomfield High School’s theater program. I’ve performed in the school’s fall plays and musicals. Currently, I am playing the part of Cinderella in the musical Into the Woods.

How long have you been an intern and what have you done with UNICO so far?

I’ve been an intern with the Bloomfield Chapter since November of my Junior Year. Though I have not been able participate in many acts of service yet (due to COVID) I am looking forward to a year full of participating in community service activities and events. 

Why did you decide to apply for an internship?

I decided to apply for an internship because I really connected with UNICO’s motto, Service above Self. Throughout my years in high school, as a member of the Key Club, I have participated in acts of services. For example, visiting our elementary schools to read to the students and spend the day with them. I found it so inspiring to help young students learn. and applied for Internship with the hope of participating in more helpful and inspiring service projects.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on attending college, majoring in Elementary and Special Education. Being able to help the younger generation grow and learn has always been something that has inspired me and given me much joy.

How has being an intern at UNICO put your goals in reach?

Although I’ve only been an intern since November 2020, UNICO’s motto “Service above Self” has allowed me to put my goals of helping others into reach. Joining an organization such as UNICO, and learning more about the members and their purpose have opened my eyes to different ways I can reach out to help others.

How will you continue to stay active within UNICO and the Bloomfield community?

I hope to give back to the very community that is helping me grow and learn, and in future years encourage more Youth Members to join UNICO, to help keep their mission and organization to thrive. 


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