Intern Program

In this video, we hear from past and present Bloomfield UNICO interns who explain what their experience has been during their time interning with us.

Bloomfield UNICO Intern Program

Our Chapter’s Intern Program was adopted in February 2019.

The program promotes the UNICO philosophy of Service above Self among Bloomfield High School students who match the Italian heritage qualifications.

The program is only available to eligible Juniors who live in Bloomfield and attend Bloomfield High School.

2023 Intern application period opens on September 13 and closes on October 1.

Role and Functions of the Intern:

  1. Attend both Board Meetings and General Meetings (minimum 50%). Annually, there are five (5) Board Meeting and five (5) General Meeting, alternating months, the third Thursday of the month. (Due to COVID-19 the chapter will be working with a tentative / flexible schedule until restaurants are allowed to open for indoor dining to accommodate our General Meetings)
  2. Actively participate at meetings. Assist the Secretary in note taking, or other assigned responsibilities.
  3. Assist in the operation of the chapter by performing clerical and organizational duties as assigned by the secretary and or Board Member. E.G. Currently the Senior Interns are working with other members in the redesign of the chapter website. 
  4. Actively participate in at least one (1) community service or fundraising activity per term.
  5. Actively support and promote the “Service above Self” philosophy of UNICO.
Pictured above: First group of graduated Interns including Chase Elias, Anna Haraka, Rosa Marfia, Mia Scollo and Joelle Gonnella

Graduated Interns:

Andrew LoMonte – Class of 2023
Emily Haraka – Class of 2023
Nickolina Nasce – Class of 2023

Gabbi Nucci – Class of 2022
Emily Tice – Class of 2022

Chase Elias – Class of 2021
Joelle Gonnella – Class of 2021
Mia Scollo – Class of 2021

Anna Haraka –Class of 2020 – First Chapter Intern
Rosa Marfia – Class of 2020  

Current Interns:

Camille Schiralli, Christina Intel, Joseph Cantalupo, Teresa Nole, Meredith Wittner, Ava Scollo, & Giovia Deputato