Special Events

Be sure to see our full calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

These events below are listed there as well, but since these are incredibly important days for Bloomfield UNICO, we would like to call them out here and provide more information.

2023 Bloomfield Community Service Award

The Bloomfield Chapter of UNICO had the honor of accepting the 2023 Bloomfield Community Service Award from the Bloomfield Rec Department at the July 4th celebration at Foley Field.

2023 Day of Service

Pictured above: Bloomfield UNICO celebrating a “Day of Service”.

Over the years, our chapter celebrates with the residents of Kinder Towers and Felicity Towers, on rotating years.

Our members serve a luncheon to the residents, in addition, our musically talented members provide live entertainment, including a sing along😊

4th Grade Christopher Columbus Essay Contest and Pancake Breakfast

President Michael Sisco speaking on Columbus Day

Since 1995 our chapter has commemorated Christopher Columbus Day with our 4th Grade Christopher Columbus Essay Contest and Pancake Breakfast. Fourth grade students from the eight (8) Bloomfield Elementary Schools have the opportunity to write an essay about Christopher Columbus with the hopes of winning the chapter’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes. In addition to the top three essays, ten (10) Honorable Mention certificates are also awarded. 

The Columbus Day ceremony is held in front of the Christopher Columbus Statue on the historic Green in Bloomfield. The statue was donated to the town in the early 1970’s by the Bloomfield Chapter of UNICO.

Following the announcement of our essay winners, everyone in attendance is invited to join us for our Pancake Breakfast, cooked by our members, at the Civic Center.   

Major Trips and Other Events

Information about upcoming trips coming soon